OptiMUM health

Nutrition designed for mum and baby

The Optimum health programme is created specifically for women, at all stages of life, to ensure you are equipped with the knowledge and care package for you and your children.

Optimum health has four key stages:

  • Preparing for pregnancy
  • Caring for two
  • Body recovery
  • Family maintenance

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We hear people talk about what the woman should eat whilst pregnant but what about the man, and what about before? what about preparing our bodies for pregnancy? We wouldn't plant a seed in nutrient deficient, poor quality soil and expect it to grow well. Pre conception a gentle cleanse is beneficial to reduce the toxic load within the body, add, nourish and flush. 

The health of both the man and the woman impact on the baby before its even born, so its a good idea for both to pay attention to their diet when planning a pregnancy. 

A mans baby making diet should focus on boosting his intake of:

Vitamin C - this antioxidant can help prevent damaged sperm being produced, sources are citrus fruits, kiwi, strawberries & blackberries

Zinc - even a slight efficiency can reduce fertility, sources include meat, chicken, beans, pumpkin & sunflower seeds

Calcium & Vitamin D - research suggests that both are important in male fertility, sources are green leafy veg, mushrooms and sunlight 

Men should also make sure they are not overweight, cut down alcohol, caffeine, sugar and additives as well as stopping smoking....sorry guys!!

A woman's diet also affects her fertility, poor nutrition at any stage in the pregnancy can harm the embryos development but problems earlier on can have a bigger impact. A woman should also be near her ideal weight and cut out all the nasties at the same time as maximising their intake of fresh fruit & veg. 

 During pregnancy we hear of people having a terrible time with a list of ailments as long as their arm....but what if we could prevent those with nutrition? Could the low iron count and restless legs be prevented through nutrition? could the sickness and fatigue be reduced?

Nutrients that are important for women are:

Vitamin A - Found in carrots, eggs, red peppers, tomatoes, broccoli and oily fish. Synthetic vitamin A supplements are not recommended but whole food supplements are recommended.

Folic acid - this is important before and during pregnancy to prevent spina bifida, synthetic supplements are usually given out however a diet rich in folate (the natural source) is more benficial

Iron - babies need good iron stores for the first 6 months which they build up by stealing mums, a diet rich in iron is recommended but supplements are also recommended, again choose whole food over synthetic. Eating vitamin C rich foods will increase your absorption of iron from your diet.....caffeine will reduce absorption so limit your tea & coffee. A full pregnancy nutrient checklist will be provided to all clients who are pregnant or planning a pregnancy.

 What about after we have the baby? when we are struggling to survive on a few hours sleep and at risk from post natal depression whilst trying to feed our babies and give them the best start in life.....what is going to save us then? Yip, you guessed it, nutrition once again.  

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