Body MOT’s

Heal your body

Nutritional Therapy

Optimum Health Projects uses nutritional therapy, reflexology, Sweedish massage and meditation to help cure all kinds of aches, pains, imbalances and long term problems.

We believe in healing your body from the inside out and provide our clients with the nutritional knowledge and natural treatments to repair and improve their health and lifestyle. Our clients are shocked to learn that up to 75% of all chronic illness is preventable without pharma drugs and less than 10% of chronic illness is genetic. 

Personalised healing programmes

Personalisation is key to Optimum Health, our health assessments are designed to fully understand your lifestyle, problem areas, intollerances and pain points. Initial consultations are free and following an assessment, you recieve a comprehensive report of findings as well as a tailored healing plan that we discuss. Action from there is completely up to you but at the least you have the knowledge to make really good decisions about your health going forward. 

Body MOT's

Nutritional Assessments 

These are designed to understand your lifestyle, diet, medical history and motivations for seeking help. This package includes an in-depth nutritional deficiency assessment based on your stymptoms and lifestyle as well as a food, metal and plant intollerance test. Learn more about nutritional assessments here.

Mobility Assessments

Our mobility assessments look at pain and toxicity levels in the body. The report and healing plan we provide is unique to you and often includes healing therpaies like reflexology and sweedish massage to re-balance your body as well as nutritional advice for you body type. Learn more about mobility assessments here.

Intollerance testing

We offer intolerance testing as a stand alone service. Contact us for more information.



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