Optimum Health Projects

Prevention is better than cure

Optimum Health Projects designs personalised programmes to help you live naturally, helping clients make a healthy lifestyle second nature through knowledge and learning. By Lightening toxic loads, stress and weight we enable you to to live lighter, happier and healthier for longer.

Increasing vitality with tailored healing plans for personal body makeup and specific problem areas, we build lasting relationships with our clients.

Optimum health and nutrition

Good nutrition……would it surprise you to know that 75% off all chronic illness is preventable?

Or, that eating cruciferous vegetables everyday reduces your chance of some cancers by up to 85%? Chronic illness is on the rise and the nutritional content of our food is declining, a single serving of spinach in 1948 equals 60 servings today…….could this be a coincidence or should we be paying more attention to our diets?
5 a day is out dated now, the recommended daily intake of fish fruit and vegetables is now 7-12 portions which should be a variation of colours and at least 50% raw, its not easy staying healthy in the 21st Century. We recommend only science based whole food supplements to help bridge the nutritional gap, see the supplements section for details of over 20 years of independent gold standard research on the whole food nutritional supplements we recommend.